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on Monday, 19 August 2013. Posted in LATEST NEWS

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New Product Alert: Ross Stainless Steel L-O-X Valves

on Wednesday, 16 November 2011. Posted in LATEST NEWS

ROSS L-O-X® valves are energy isolation valves and are generally used as the first valve in a line supplying compressed air to equipment.

Air can be shut off by pushing the L-O-X® handle inward; downstream air is simultaneously exhausted through the L-O-X® exhaust port. Many standards & regulations, e.g., OSHA, require that the valve be padlocked in this position to prevent handle from being pulled out inadvertently during maintenance and/or servicing.

For more information on ROSS L-O-X Valves or any other ROSS products please contact us at: 770-475-1680 and ask to speak to a sales representative.


Let PSI & Hydraforce Reduce Your Manifold Cost

on Wednesday, 16 November 2011. Posted in LATEST NEWS

HydraForce is pleased to announce the release of two products which can greatly reduce manifold costs while improving overall machine performance.

The MPCV08-20 and SVCV08-20 and 21  are both multi-function cartridges which can decrease the number of cavities required in a manifold.

The MPCV08-20 is a manual pull valve with both a double blocking and a reverse flow check position ideal for use in manual lowering applications.

The SVCV08-20 and 21 are solenoid valves with an outlet flow check for use in low-leakage, load holding applications.

For more information on HydraForce products please contact us at: 770-475-1680 and ask to speak to a sales representative.

Protect Expensive Instrumentation With Noshok Orifices & Snubbers

on Wednesday, 16 November 2011. Posted in LATEST NEWS

NOSHOK offers a variety of cost-effective orifices and snubbers to protect valuable instrumentation from pulsation and pressure spikes by restricting the flow of rapidly increasing and decreasing pressures.

NOSHOK press-fit brass orifices or threaded 316 stainless steel orifices are available on all NOSHOK pressure gauges and most NOSHOK transducers. They are standard with a .012" I.D or .032" I.D, depending on the model. These orifices dont take up space, as they are inserted inside the NPT. They are an economical solution for managing pressure fluctuations in dynamic applications.

NOSHOK also offers piston type and sintered snubbers. Our piston type snubbers resist clogging and are self cleaning. They are supplied with five different sized pistons to ensure the correct amount of snubbing for virtually every application. They are available in brass and 316 stainless steel in 1/4" NPT, 1/2" NPT or 7/16-20 SAE-4.

NOSHOK sintered snubbers increase gauge readability by smoothing out pressure surges, pulsations and spikes, and eliminate instrument failure due to pressure shock. Snubbing action is achieved by utilizing a corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel sintered disc, which is held in place by way of a 316 stainless steel set screw.  Unlike the competitors crimped method, NOSHOK sintered snubbers allow easy cleaning or replacement of the sintered disc by simply removing the set screw, replacing the disc and then re-inserting the set screw, eliminating the need to replace the entire unit if a new disc is required. This type of built-in versatility greatly increases the snubbers longevity, durability and dependability.

Five basic discs are available for each sintered snubber to accommodate specific application needs. Exotic materials or intermediate disc grades are also available on a per order basis. These snubbers provide long service life with no moving parts to wear out.

For more information on NOSHOK products please contact us at: 770-475-1680 and ask to speak to a sales representative.

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